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Published on May 5, 2009 By Zyxpsilon In Everything Else



You will see this film eventually, right?

You will even have the urge to share your opinions with the membership here, and to express yourselves clearly with description of scenes, quoting dialogues, snapping images of the new NCC-1701, etc!

Be fair & square, and consider that anything you will write below should automatically spoil the fun & the mystery for others.

Tomorrow at this time, France-Belgium-Switzerland-Vulcan(Alberta) fans will rush out their TRUE world premieres as much as some lucky Austin_Texas & Sydney_Australia people last April who resisted (However futile!) revealing any details after being asked by Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof & Mr Leonard Nimoy.

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STAR TREK is a contest of skills & personalities.

It proves (again) that Humanity can and MUST go to Space and beyond.

And, that even Science is no match for Fiction.

The Galaxy is our only hope.



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on May 10, 2009

I saw it last night finally. I'm an old school Star Trek fan. I loved the old series because it had good drama with the charactors and interesting "what if" senarios. So what do I think of this new reboot.

They nailed it!!!!! They rebooted the time line so anything goes now. What I mean by that is you can't assume that everything is going to work out in the end because we know everything that is going to happen. No. By rebooting it and making a new time line they now have a new story to tell.

All the charactors were given their time to shine. For example Uhura is portrayed as a feeling and intelligent person that excels at her job. Some have bashed the new  Checkov as silly but I liked him. He is shown to be very young but very gifted at his job also. But every charactor was portrayed very well and was well cast. Kirk, Spock and Bones are back and very well done.

I liked the "new" Enterprise. Different but new looking. The warp nacells looked living. They seemed to flex and move. And when the Enterprise went into warp it had such a POP sound it almost hurt your chest to feel it. Basicly the special effects have grown and the "tech" is more futuristic but "in the back ground" where it belongs. This is a story about people after all.

Like I said they nailed it. The audience clapped at the end which I rarely hear at a movie. Heck I walked out of the movie behind a very large group of young ladies that obviously enjoyed the movie. I think they were the ones that cheered at the closing credits when Chis Pine's name appeared. Good to know Kirk's still got it going on. Were there nit picks? Sure what fun would Trek be without nit picks!! Like do you really think Spock Prime would be on a neighboring planet thet could be close enough to observe his home planet being sucked into a black fricking hole with the naked eye?? Yeah right!!  But like I said that's fun too.

on May 10, 2009

Quoting dWind, reply 24Well the bigest glaring inconsistency was that Earth (and vulcan) is totaly undefended ... seriuosly ... a ship can can sneek up on an interstelars empires homeworld and start drilling the planet with a huge laser powered drill  ... and all the citizens can do is run about screaming? I mean were is the home fleet? dont tell me those 7 ships that went to vulcan were it? Where are orbital defenses? where are the god damed ICBM's?


Other than that it was a great movie They weren't undefended. They extracted information about the Federation's defense grid from Captain Pike. They destroyed the defenses over Vulcan. What did you think all the debris was? .

I assumed it was those 6 ships that went ahead maybe debri was localised aroud the exit point.. or so it seemed
also now that you metion. "reports Strange Sesimic activity on vulcan" or smth .. so vulcans send a report that there is sesimic activity ... despite of the jaming and fail to mention that there is a spaceship drinilng a hole in the palnet and destroying their defenses ( if there were any .. )
Oh well the more you pick this movie appart the more 'handwavium' you find - SciFi certainly has had better days ... probably (atleast it had a highpoint - Space Odyssey ) ... but as an action thriller (in space) it was SUPPERB

on May 10, 2009

I watched the movie last night with my wife.

Loved it! Thought it was a great reboot. They even made a point of telling us that with young Spock mentioning that Nero has reshaped the timeline.

Are there nitpics? Oh yes, but find me a movie that has none. And I never trust critics, especially Ebert, I rarely agree with him.

Still with that all being said, bring on the     .

on May 10, 2009

Mediocre film.

I've seen the original TV show (and I prefer Next Generation), and I'm not a fan, but I understood it... The movie didn't really try to be a Star Trek film. It was more like they made an action film with the Star Trek intellectual property. 

Plot: Kind of boring... It certainly wasn't all that memorable. Some bad guy shows up, wanting revenge, and wants to destroy some planets and the Federation.

Dialog: Terrible

Special Effects: Awesome! Sadly special effects don't make a movie good (in my eyes).

Characters: The personalities were awful. Spock was more human than Vulcan, Kirk was more like William Shatner than Captain Kirk. These differences were explained by the flimsy excuse of alternate realities generated due to time travel. WTF was with Ohoura and Spock? That just seemed out of place to me.

Overall: It was a Star Trek movie, that cared little about what Star Trek is/was. However, this movie will probably result in another television series and at least another movie. I suppose it succeeds where Star Trek: Enterprise failed; to bring Star Trek to a modern generation.

on May 10, 2009

...and the comment that a star explosion threatened the destruction of the galaxy was a bit over the top.

It is scientifically proven that a single massive black hole can eat up every matter within range at galaxy scales... there are even examples of mobile ones, btw.

Even more "puzzling" is the gamma burst effect (either by SuperNova or other catastrophic events) that can irradiate life to *considerable* distances; there is a general consensus by Science that even Earth has suffered at least one such accidental spike of waving particules from a closeby "accident". (Sorry for the double-posting, i saw Phaedyme's link explaining similar facts after posting my comment. Consult if necessary.)

Hawking's causality loops even provide the conditions without actual demonstrable evidence. Pray theory isn't quantum based Laws.

on May 10, 2009

Minor Race:

I'd say it was a little ridiculous that a 24th century mining vessel was well equipped that it could easily best ships (i.e., the Kelvin) only about 150 years older than it. And the entire Vulcan defensive grid, and so forth.

This was explained in the Countdown comics - Nero's vessel was equipped with weaponry derived from Borg technology. The setup for how that happened was also related to the supernova and Nero's desire for revenge.

on May 11, 2009

anyone seen the star trek countdown comics, there were 4 of them.  They were prequel to the movies, and gives the movie much more background and context.  In that comic series, you will see how Mr. Data comes back to life.    And you will see how that Nero's ship get so kicked ass powerful.  And good bye to the Romulus homeworld.

on May 11, 2009

Well, I saw it on Saturday and while the actors (especially Quinto and the guy who played Scotty) performed really well and the relationship aspect of Spock, Bones and Kirk and the references to the original series were quite good the storyline was absolute crap (IMHO, yours may differ).
I mean: COME ON! What JJ did to LOST is bad enough, but THIS?!
If it wasn't for the awful backplot the movie would be really great.

on May 11, 2009

Well, with all the comments I can't wait to see the movie.

Sadly, it sounds like just another attempt to revive the original (and greatest) series - which none of the ST movies or spin-offs seemed to manage.

Rather like the new Outer Limits to the original. It is a different breed of writers, producers and directors. And they can't get it right simply because they are trying to copy/revamp the original greatness of genius.

It seems there is no true originality in this world anymore. There is simply the remaking of the old into something more glitzy.

on May 11, 2009

Speaking of, you know, America owns the moon.

We planted a flag on that shit. We should get a team to go build a colony and mine it.
Correct me if im wrong, but vespene gas is on the moon.
and we always, ALWAYS, need moar


if you watch this clip and read closely, you will see that America in fact possessed the moon.

on May 11, 2009

So the US will just send a repo-man?


on May 11, 2009

I went to see it friday afternoon.

I liked it. The story line is a  bit weak but the characters are really great. Especially because they had to introduce all of them in a very short time in the movie. It's not like to original movies when we all know who they are you can just dive into the story. This one had to take time to introduce them all so the story had to be shorter.

Kirk is exactly what I thought he would be, cocky intelligent and loves to take risks. The original was like that. The new one was able to make it happen.

Spock, Quinto really got him right. He could be the original and I don't think we would be able to see the difference.

Scotty was just plain funny as usual and I think he will be great in a sequel. (if they can fix the engeneering section of the enterprise.)

Bones: wow! I forget the actor's name but he is so good, he really made me think of the original.

Checkov, they always said he was young, I think he's the only original charcarter that was never really exploited, even in the original movies Checkov rarely did anything. In this movie he really made me think of a young man trying to make his place. It will be interesting to see where they take him in a sequel.

Sulu, he's interesting. I like the actor but that's pretty much it. It was funny that he forgot something and the ship would not go to warp. That's something the old sulu would never have had happened. Made me laugh.

I do not like the fact that Vulcan dissapears. It was a founding world of the federation I think it should of been honnored. But hey nothing is perfect.

I find that the ship had a cartonish feel to them.  But in general it was a good movie. I think the sequel will be even better.

on May 11, 2009


Quoting Spartan, reply 25Then what about the fact Nero went back in time and did not go to his homeworld and give them the tech he had and use it to shift the power of the galaxyHe didn't and couldn't go back in time on purpose.

Where did I say he did it on purpose? But that point is moot. The original thought stands, he went back in time and had far more advanced tech and as a loyal Romulan commander he should have went to his homeworld and jazzed things up. Moreover he could have told them about the future event and they would have had many, many years to solve it. The quicked solution would have been to put some of the red stuff on the start at that time and be done with it.

@Zyxpsilon- I'm aware of the super massive position. Maybe I'm mistaking but I though they said a star exploded only.

on May 11, 2009

Just got out and after a long walk & bus ride back home (It felt more like 2 minute when in fact it was a 45 minutes ride!), i could gather they ask us all finely devised questions and leave me with the superb conventional answer to think about;

* Is Nero really stuck on the horizon for near infinity because of the Earth mining attack or was it a lucky guess on Sulu's call? *

It's all subtle and substance, the silences, the punch lines, the pauses.

Winks & blinks by story. A bit confusing at first, but all comes together when Spock beams out of the Jellyfish or when Ambassador Spock comments on the timelines to Kirk... pay extra attention to Pike's situation when they try to figure out where the tiny red trigger is.

And actors (coherence, imaginative, simply nailed -- the Uhura tricks, in fact, were hypnotic.)

The Cinematics are like dominoes that kept falling or standing up from nowhere, pure energy. A blast.

The ship and specifically the bridge was the coolest gathering of flashy elements with purpose i have ever seen in any Sci-Fi (or otherwise threated as such) films if only by the immersive details, Tchekov & Scotty at these consoles is precisely what the NEW Trek is.

The hands, omg, the two hands cliff-drill-deck... never felt down, grabbed tighter than clinching for dear life.

Sure, it's action packed and it's an introduction and it's also fun... McCoy+Sulu, Uhura+Scotty -- we want their memories too -- one director & writers can only fit so much in two hours.

The transition is complete, Good Luck - no less.

(DVD, sold.)


on May 11, 2009

I do not like the fact that Vulcan dissapears.

Considering the plot device of Spock's mother death that allows a timely conflict with Kirk (as suggested on Delta Vega, btw), i'd say the blackhole Nero "travels with" was heading for Vulcan by choice because of the Kelvin encounter. Remember, he's using an old Romulan mining platform to supply the red trigger.