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... the location hunting without GPS gimmicks.
Published on April 1, 2009 By Zyxpsilon In Everything Else

1- You need Google Earth to participate.

2- The location must belong to your own past, work, vacation... absolutely no OBVIOUS personal details.

2a- Or as stated from May additional rules ; Where do you wish to go in the future, for vacations, Historical places, Museums, Wonders... for a quick visit. Anything for any reasons. Hints & Locations unlimited.

3- To earn the right of submitting the next clue for yourself, you MUST identify the buildings_city_address (etc) of the currently unknown place to the person who linked the image. Once confirmed, you win the right for #4 below.

4- You must provide "easy or not" hints for your own. I'd highly recommend Time Zones, minimum.

5- Altitude must not exceed 1km or below 250m. (Mine is at 303 meters)

6- Don't forget to hide the coordinates from us, bottom left!

Here's the first;

I worked on the 15th floor of that skyscraper as a financial advisor from May 75 to October 77. The red arrow points to my office window.


Where is it? Street & number.

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on Apr 03, 2009

How about, above the 35°N Latitude?

Much Easier. 

on Apr 03, 2009

Is it in Montreal in Canada?

on Apr 03, 2009

Yep, Zoom in and you'll get to have your own location hunting image right here later as a clear winner!

There are a number of options in Google-Earth (the tiny W are for Wikipedia references, btw) which will put the street number & name for that specific building...

on Apr 04, 2009

Another hint perhaps?

Downtown, near the loooooong southern shore!

on Apr 07, 2009

I think I finaly found it, have quite figure out the address but by the looks of the map and what I think it the front of the skyscraper it is:


500 Rue Saint-Francois-Xavier

Montreal, QC, Canada

on Apr 07, 2009

It was "500, Place d'Armes" (the metro station of the same name is tightly tucked to the extreme bottom left corner!) but i'll be fair & square - YOU win. The trap was in the street name... cuz north is Notre-Dame and south is St-Jacques on the image.

It is the Banque Nationale building and right across the street is the Notre-Dame cathedral & La Presse newspaper!

Now, we all want your own well deserved turn -- and don't forget to pull out the coordinates from the Google Earth snapshot! Maximum 1km up...

This planet is vast and your clues or hints -- well, it's all outa my hands!

on Apr 07, 2009

Oh, and btw on the St-Francois Xavier side it is the big bank Vault with more or less the security features (mid '70s that is) that CIA possibly has at Langley. I know - i went in weekly for almost two years and had soooo many check points and ID cards that even elevators were a labyrinth of laser alarms & cameras!

Now, try walking down the street with 10mils bonds to the Place Ville-Marie and jump in a taxi after it has been duly signed by a CEO and you'll get a feeling what my job meant.

on Apr 07, 2009

Oh God!, you worked in Montréal (maudite place de cul). I cant stand it, too much people/traffic. I hope you dont work there anymore (unless you like it). Anyway, glad I dont work there!

on Apr 07, 2009

Politics & distances never matched here either, i'm happily half_retired in quiet superb Laval a few bridges away from the Metropolis & great suburbans cities to the north.

You gotta to make a choice in life; you spend fuel to get in cuz work is there or stay far enough to call it cabin fever and boredom from lack of activities.

Melting pot or ski slopes, it's not where you are but where you've been. Or will go, i might add!

on Apr 08, 2009


I used to live in this city, The red arrow pointing to the building is were I went to whatch hockey games there, reall fun times, I was very lucky to catch two pucks flying in the same game event.


Try to find the address

on Apr 09, 2009

This IS clearly a tougher hunt for anyone that will be searching for *IT*!

The mountain range somehow "looks familiar" and there isn't that much cities (in the USA possibly, btw) having such a "capitol building" tightly tucked on the left side -- so, excellent idea, DarthCaedusMorgan.

on Apr 09, 2009

Yep I knew it will be harder, but when paying attension to the picture, there are good hint hidden within the picture

on Apr 09, 2009

This picture looks like it could be in Las Vegas but I could stand corrected.

on Apr 09, 2009

I'd say, it's probably from -8GMT, Rockies North to South... and yet, i may be completely wrong.

Welcome to Jrla21 - it's up to him to validate Las Vegas or not, btw.

on Apr 09, 2009

It is not las vegas.

The time zone is correct

Try to zoom as far as you can with our web browser after clicking the images, I think you might be able to indentify the names of certain buildings.

The capitol building that is in left back is the only state capitol that is similar to the US capitol Washington DC