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Published on July 16, 2009 By Zyxpsilon In Everything Else

She made friends with another Millionaire since, so he paid the Lawyers (a million+!!) fees for her.

Lola Superior Court Ruling

Has she learned her lesson about contracts or legality of "common law" couples in Québec?

Weirdly, she already had legal alimony payments (35,000$/month) for their kids... but, she wanted some more; 56,000$/month and a 50 millions lump sum!

Scam or rip-off by Justice itself and whomever gained from it all.

The ex-husband will end-up bankrupt or is he ALREADY paying for the fees?

The people should sue right back the state itself for wasting OUR taxes money on such silly attempts at theft... while the Unemployment rate stands at 8.7+%.

I don't want to be a Judge, i don't even want TOO much money.

Marry the next and then file for divorce, maybe you'll catch enough laziness to escape work or a jail term.

Please, verify who you're dealing with... crooks are targeting ANY man's life -- even if married.


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