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What have you done for our common birds nest, lately?
Published on April 22, 2009 By Zyxpsilon In Everything Else

ISS is broadcasting surface images worldwide...

I just got out of the local food store and all lights were dimmed. But, i do recycle everything i can... paper, metal, glass. Objective is 100%, some day.

Visit this if you're curious.

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on Apr 25, 2009

Link.  They didn't actually mean to blow the reactor up, but they intentionall did everything that led to it.


It's hilarious really, sad, but hilarious.  We're an amazingly stupid species at times.

on Apr 25, 2009

We're an amazingly stupid species at times.

I thought so -- Large Hedron ultra-collider on maintenance for a year, now comes Fusion Plants hopes.

Landing 12 men on the Moon was the easy part.

Tomorrow will be the 26th of April; so, just remember to send some thoughts to Ukraine, and that we can learn from mistakes.