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Honesty has its reasonable price too
Published on June 9, 2009 By Zyxpsilon In Personal Computing

How many other zombie servers will be sought after for illegal distribution of ANY products?

It's not if you're for or against such principles or even if piracy has a right to grab a share of your time & money but rather if Law(s) or International Justice can and/or should maintain a firm grasp over criminality.

As with the PirateBay case in Sweden (extensively discussed in another thread, btw), the experimentation is in serious jeopardy it seems. Technicalities aside, theft is still punishable for it simply negates property value. In a sense, we were letting a shooting squad (more like an execution platoon, in fact) destroy the rational mechanics of consumeurism. Correlate this with our probable (ironic isn't it?) capacities to gain or lose a salary by & through working -- you'll endup with a personal connection to the web or NOT, since even my ISP sells the bandwidth and privileges.

You wanted an economic recession, you got one - once more.

When's the next? Before or after we simply clean up our acts by removing junk (spam & viruses, included) from fiberwires? How about, never - again.

Here's a final solution; pay only to those who deserve *IT*.

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